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Since 2009, Luba Gloukhova has been leading and executing advanced machine learning projects for high tech firms and major research universities in Silicon Valley. And beyond hands-on execution, Luba also holds an influential position in industry thought leadership. She serves as the founding conference chair of Deep Learning World – the premier conference covering the commercial deployment of deep learning – and delivers highly-rated talks at many other events as well. She's the Editor-in-Chief of The Machine Learning Times, the learning professionals’ premier resource for news and content. Luba previously supported Stanford faculty as an internal consultant at the university's Graduate School of Business, generating innovative solutions to accelerate research. Before that, Luba gained industry experience in high frequency trading analysis, catastrophe risk modeling, and marketing analytics. She received her master's in analytics from the University of San Francisco and two bachelors degrees from Berkeley: applied mathematics and economics. Luba also teaches yoga and enjoys an active lifestyle.

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